Snowdrop Language Learning
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What is Personalised Language Learning?

An opportunity for individuals or small groups to benefit from a programme specially designed to meet their own goals and interests

What languages are available ?
Personalised programmes are available in French , German or English for non-native speakers (EFL or ESOL)

Will it be the right level for me?
Programmes can be designed for any level from absolute beginners to advanced

How does it work?
There are 2 basic models:
Face to face lessons, available at our base
blended learning models using e-mail and/or telephone which can be offered to leaners in any area

Personalised Language Learning can also be offered to family groups

PRIVACY NOTICE: If you contact us about language learning we will retain your contact details for the purpose of informing you about present and future learning opportunities as long as you are interested in language learning . Your data will not be shared with anyone else. Please inform us if you are no longer interested in learning opportunities